If you operate a cleanroom, you already know how important it is to minimize the surface area of your components—to keep contaminants at bay. But sometimes it’s easy to forget about your power equipment. MENNEKES has you covered.

Our AMAXX® power distribution systems make it easy to prioritize safety on the shop floor. As a configurable system consisting of various component options, AMAXX can declutter floor space while providing workers with a safe way to plug and unplug equipment.

Those of you in the food industry are already familiar with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)—a law that focuses on preventing contamination, rather than reacting to the problem after the fact. A big part of FSMA compliance has to do with the design of plant equipment, which includes the electrical components that provide power to manufacturing lines.

For an often overlooked source of downtime, look no further than your motors. Changing failed hardwired motors requires trained staff and extended time to disconnect field wiring—adding longer-than-necessary downtime to your factory operation. Fortunately, there’s another solution.