When it comes to maintaining sanitation, stainless steel enclosures are critical. For one, stainless steel can tolerate repeated washdown cycles. It also has better impact resistance—making metallic enclosures popular in high-traffic, end-of-line applications in packaging, manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities.

In our last few blogs, we explored some of the features you can enjoy with our AMAXX® power distribution system—from Ethernet connectivity, to switch-rated receptacle options. Mixing and matching various configurations provides an easy, flexible way to meet your plant’s unique requirements.

Keeping your power, data or pneumatic equipment organized on any shop or plant floor can be tricky—especially in manufacturing environments where you typically see all three. Overhead power distribution units like Suspended AMAXX can make a big difference. Not only do these configurable enclosure systems support various types of equipment, but they also minimize the amount of cords and connectors you need—decluttering production areas, freeing up valuable workspace and enhancing operator safety.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change manufacturing, facilities need to stay connected—creating a need for more data ports on the factory floor. At the same time, more control systems and diagnostic equipment are plugged in than ever before. Doing this safely in varied plant environments can be a challenge, especially when complying with electrical codes requiring ground fault protection.